September Ministry Presentations and Collection Drive

Partner Ministry Presentations
Partner Ministry Drive
At each Get Together, we collect items for one of our Partner Ministries. Please bring items you wish to donate to the Get Together, or you may deliver directly to the ministry.
Innovative Alternatives: 
Arts & craft supplies for play therapy:
–Various colors of construction paper
–White lunch bags for making hand puppets
–Sequins, glitter, puff balls, beads, colored rocks, yarn, colored string, colored feathers, colored popsicle sticks, coated wire
–Sand for sand tray must be ordered:
Special sand from Amazon 25 lbs for $32.99; or Child Therapy Sand $14.95 for 10lbs
Office Supplies:
–Cardstock copy paper
–Slick copy paper
–Post-It Note Flip-Chart Pads
–Keurig coffee caffeinated and/or decaffeinated
–Styrofoam cups, plates, plasticware
–Paper towels

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